SCUBA DIVING (Fethiye Activities)




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Fethiye scuba diving is an exciting way to step into the underwater world. This activity has become a passion for those who want to explore the fascinating landscapes of the seas and oceans. Scuba diving is an ideal way to encounter the wonders of nature and enjoy breathtaking views.

After a series of training and practical lessons with an instructor, Fethiye scuba diving offers two diving opportunities. The colors, shapes, and movements underwater can be particularly exciting for one's mind. Fish, corals, and other underwater creatures show the beauty of underwater life. Additionally, feeling the silence underwater is a very special experience. This silence helps one to explore all the beauty of nature underwater.

Scuba diving also benefits one's mental health. This activity, which requires breathing techniques and careful movements, can increase one's mental focus and reduce stress.

Fethiye scuba diving has become a passion for those who want to explore the underwater world. It is a wonderful way to discover natural beauty, obtain physical and mental health benefits, and protect natural life.

In Fethiye's Dalyan Bay, we go down to a depth of 5 meters with our professional instructors. Our experience dive, which we will do twice, will last a total of 40 minutes. During the breaks between dives, you will have the opportunity to swim in the clear waters of Fethiye Bay.



Included in the Price

Diving Equipment, 2 Scuba Diving, Transfer, Lunch, Insurance, Driver

Not Included in the Price

Beverage, Photo, Video

Bring Along

Sunscreen, Swimwear, Towel, Shorts, Spare Clothes

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